'After Work: Life, Labour and Automation' symposium

A collaboration between the wrkwrkwrk collective, Autonomy and the ‘Gender, Technology and Work’ research cluster at the University of West London

On Saturday January 27th 2018, UWL hosted a symposium organised by Autonomy, the ‘Gender, Technology and Work’ research cluster at UWL and the wrkwrkwrk collective. We thought the day went really well and from the feedback we’ve received so far, it seems many others did too! Below are some photos from the event as well as links to recordings of all of the keynotes except Nina Power’s (for whom the recording equipment broke down!)


We’d like to once again thank all of the speakers, the other organisers, the catering staff and the attendees for getting involved.

Helen Hester, member of Autonomy's advisory board and Associate Professor of Media and Communication at UWL, introducing the event

Phoebe Moore - 'The Quantified Worker'

Phoebe Moore starting the day with her keynote paper

Nick Srnicek - 'Domestic Work and the Absence of Automation'

Nick Srnicek speaking in the first session

Nina Power - 'Sex Robots Social Control and the Technological Construction of Desire'

Nina Power closes the first keynote session

Francesca Sobande - 'The "Wokefluencers" of Diversity Marketing'

Francesca Sobande kicking off the second keynote session

Ramon Amaro - 'Machine Learning, Black Labour and Bio-Epistemic Resistance'

Ramon Amaro

Marina Vishmidt - 'Figure Eight is Half of 4'

Marina closes the second keynote session

Final plenary with all speakers, chaired by Autonomy's Will Stronge