As we face the need to collectively change our priorities and habits, re-thinking the city is key. Our spatial research team exists to confront the challenges involved.

We work with local authorities, unions and grassroots organisations, helping them develop radical and pragmatic visions for the future. With a unique tool-set and view point, our small team of architects and urban planners draws on and develops the wealth of insight that Autonomy’s research network brings.

We offer a consultancy service for governance bodies looking to future-proof their urban spaces and services.

We can draw on the think-tank’s expertise and network, offering a unique and affordable collaboration.

Our recent project for the regional government of Valencia gave us the freedom to imagine three core infrastructures for the urban centres of the region. The product of our work there can be found at the link below.

From SME logistics to care spaces to locally-embedded innovation hubs

We are developing concepts for ready to hand, implementable models for economic resilience.

One important strand of research and design revolves around ageing, care work and place. Read how we approach these issues through the links below.

We teamed up with Common Wealth to envision what a Green New Deal will mean for the UK's cities and towns. Our drawing dives into the carbon-free city of 2030, an urban environment geared for care, leisure and sustainable work.

A green urban future will not just mean different energy solutions and a wave of retrofitting. As we develop new patterns of work and leisure, re-thinking the spaces we share in the city is key.

Follow the following link to learn more about that project and what a Green New Deal City would entail.

Julian Siravo

Julian is an american-italian architect and urban designer. Trained in London, he has spent time both in commercial and research-based architectural practices, as well as working independently in the practice he co-founded in 2015, Rowhill Studio. In his work Julian has explored automated construction, post-familial domesticity and socialized care-work. His research for Autonomy spans from aging populations and the future of care, to food and logistics.

Stavros Oikonomidis

Stavros Oikonomidis is an architect and urban designer from Thessaloniki, Greece. After studying Architecture in Greece, Stavros practiced at the intersection of architecture and documentary production, investigating the social dimension of urban transformations during the Greek debt crisis. After finishing his MA at the Royal College of Arts he continued extensive research on the future of urban manufacturing, industrial intensification and creative workspace.

Francesca Farruggia

Francesca trained as an architect and as urban planner in Rome, Italy. Her research on utopian communities and concepts of sustainable urbanism brought her to spend several months in India. In February 2020 She will lead a research collaboration between Autonomy, Interazioni Urbane, an urban design firm in Rome and the Lazio Regional Authority.

Cosimo Campani

Cosimo Campani is an Italian architecture practitioner and researcher. He is pursuing a PhD in Architecture and Urban Studies between Roma Tre University and the Architectural Association (London). His research focuses on the interaction between labor and urbanism, particularly on cities and futurability (through a post-capitalist lens). He has taken part in research projects in Russia (Derailed Lab), Pearl River Delta and California-Arizona-Nevada (Department of Ontological Theatre).

Stephanie Sherman

Stephanie is a producer, researcher, and strategist working at the intersection of social and speculative design. Her projects activate latent surplus and stories to reorganize outmoded systems into platforms for co-production.

As part of our work we contribute to various events, helping to shape the debate: from the European Placemaking Week to art exhibitions, from academic conferences to design symposiums.

We also collaborate with higher education courses and degrees, bringing our insights to live projects and workshops.

In 2020-21 Autonomy are running the studio module on the City Design MA at the Royal College of Art. Students will explore 'pandemic urbanism' and the crisis of work that the Covid virus has brought on in cities.

A workshop we ran at the Marina de Valencia in June 2019, sourcing ideas for a redesign of a local warehouse space . Photo by Carpe Studio

Follow the link below to read more about our 'Post-Work City' design project with students from University College Arts in Epsom.