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Autonomy regularly engages with media from around the world. We can offer an expert voice for comment on a wide range of topics: from automation and the platform economy, to the four-day week, green transitions, the future of urban spaces and beyond.

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Recent coverage of Autonomy research

12th April 2024

Discussion of our findings that 11 million UK workers think their job is meaningless.

10th April 2024

International coverage of our report on a farmers’ basic income.

4th April 2024

Coverage of our research into a basic income scheme UK farmers.

4th April 2024

Coverage of our basic income for farmers research.

20th March 2024

Jack Kellam discusses our four-day week consultancy work with schools.

14th March 2024

Analysis of our report into UK living standards since 2019.

22nd February 2024

Coverage of our study showing ongoing success in the UK four-day week trial.

22nd February 2024

International reports of our successful UK four-day week trial.

16th November 2023

Will Stronge discusses our research into the effects of UBI on UK poverty.

20th November 2023

Analysis of our report showing how AI could lead to a four-day week for millions of workers

20th November 2023

Discussion of our report finding AI to put millions on four-day week within 10 years.

16th October 2023

Coverage of our research showing more than a third of UK cleaners have worked while ill.

27th August 2023

Coverage of our research showing the UK’s aging population outpaces growth in care workers.

26th June 2023

Matthew Johnson on our research showing basic income’s effects as a public health measure.

4th June 2023

Jon Stone on our plans for new basic income pilots in England.

9th July 2023

Coverage of our research showing how retrofit insulation could create 4 million job opportunities.

20th February 2023

Coverage of the first results from our groundbreaking UK four-day week trial.

12th January 2023

Coverage of our research showing nearly 30 million UK workers are in danger from deadly heatwaves.

1st November 2022

Coverage of our study showing how the polluting elite responsible for the same amount of carbon dioxide in a year as poorest 10% are in more than two decades.

19th September 2022

Our research found a four-day week could significantly alleviate the cost of living crisis.

15th July 2022

Coverage of our study on how a basic income could transform the Cornish economy.

2nd July 2022

Coverage of our report on microwork and hustle culture in the UK economy.

21st March 2022

Coverage of our research showing how a global carbon tax could eliminte poverty.

14th February 2022

Coverage of our research for Future Generations Wales on a shorter working week in the country.

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