Labour, Tax and Covid-19: Can we create a fairer taxation system?

Event time: 25th September, 18:30.


Event Description:


The government looks set to raise income tax, VAT and corporation tax, in response to a deficit above £300bn and a debt/GDP ratio above 100%. Labour has said “this is not the time for tax rises”, provoking criticism from the party’s left. In this online seminar, sponsored by Autonomy and Left2030, economists will outline the arguments for fairer taxation, and explore the fiscal options post-Covid.


  • Gary Stevenson – an inequality economist and former trader in London and Tokyo.
  • Christine Berry – independent researcher and writer based in Manchester
  • Shreya Nanda – economist at the Institute for Public Policy Research’s Centre for Economic Justice, and previously a member of the Government Economic Service.
  • Jo Michell – associate professor of economics at Bristol Business School/UWE Bristol
  • Robert Palmer – head of Tax Justice UK
  • James Meadway – economist and former advisor to the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell
  • Moderated by Paul Mason, New Statesman journalist