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CADA and Autonomy are partnering with The World Transformed to bring you… Tech Transformed!

Running for two days on May 25th and 26th, Tech Transformed is a festival for those on the left interested in tech and how we respond to the challenges/opportunities it brings. There’ll be sessions on how workers can organise to change Big Tech, discussions on using tech to enhance progressive campaigning, and what grassroots innovation looks like.

What can we expect at Tech Transformed?

We’ll be putting on interactive sessions with trade unionists in the tech sector, running an all day Twine session, and hosting a big party on Saturday night!

There’ll also be panels on the future of technology, making AI work for workers and the history of progressive movements around technological change. There’s something for everyone – whether you’re a techie or a rookie – and we can’t wait to see you there.

The Big Progressive Tech Showcase

We want to show off your inventions!

On Sunday 26th May, we’ll be giving attendees the opportunity to showcase something they’ve built, around two possible themes: “Tech for the Many” or “Tooling up the Movement”. Whether it’s a web app that facilitates recruiting new union members in your workplace, or an interactive online map that highlights companies across the UK most complicit in extractive industries, or something else mad, cool and useful – we want to see it!

We will also be picking the best idea and presentation to win a prize, so it’s all to play for. If you want to submit something to the showcase, please drop an email to before May 1st giving some info on what you want to submit and whether you’ll be able to showcase it in person on May 26th. There’s no time restrictions, so feel free to start working on something now, or pull something back up that you’ve been working on before. Good luck!

And no, Chat-GPT did not write this.


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