Towards a Revolutionary Intercommunalism

Event time: 1st July, 18:00.


Event Description:


With a rise in both anti-racist movements and reactionary racism, what can we learn about the current moment from Huey Newton’s analysis of empire? What do calls to “take back control” tell us about the diminishing ‘wages of whiteness’? And how can we build on the legacies of the Black Panther Party’s survival programmes to create intercommunal ways of living?




We will begin with a talk from John about his work on Huey P Newton’s Theory of Reactionary Intercommunalism, followed by a discussion between John and Sita and a Q/A session. We will email those registered a Zoom link closer to the date.


Dr Sita Balani

Dr Sita Balani is a lecturer in contemporary literature and culture at King’s College London. In her research and teaching, she explores the relationship between imperialism and identity in contemporary Britain. Her work has appeared in Vice, Feminist Review, Identity Theory, Open Democracy, Tribune and the Verso blog.

Dr John Narayan

Dr John Narayan is a Lecturer in European and International Studies at King’s College London. His most recent research has focused on the understudied transnationalism of Black Power and political theory created by groups such as The Black Panther Party. John has published the results of this research in journals such as Third World Quarterly, Theory, Culture and Society, Current Sociology, and The Sociological Review.