Autonomy is partnering with The World Transformed 2019!

Our friends at The World Transformed have just launched tickets their 2019 edition. This year’s festival, which is happening in Brighton from September 21st-24th, is about thinking big. It’s about imagining radical change and planning how to make it happen. And it’s about doing it together.

Now in its fourth year, TWT are building their own venue in the heart of Brighton to meet demand. With eight other venues spread across the city and more than 170 talks, workshops and parties over four days, The World Transformed is a political festival on an unprecedented scale.

The festival will host hundreds of speakers, musicians and artists including Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, economist and former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, writer and academic Maya Goodfellow, German MP Katja Kipling, writer and broadcaster Paul Mason, think tank director Faiza Shaheen, journalist Ash Sarkar and activist Asad Rehman.

TWT19 is about pushing the boundaries of what political participation looks like. This year’s programme features walking tours, a table tennis tournament, and live action strategy games on climate change and municipal socialism. The sprawling, city-wide cultural programme features participatory theatre, cabaret, parades, and guerilla projections across Brighton.

Internationalism will be at the heart of this year’s festival. We’ll hear about the Sudanese and Algerian revolutions from the activists organising them and writer and research David Wearing will lead on a Foreign Policy Festival school. There’ll also be sessions on Acid Corbynism, building climate justice for the global many, and understanding fascism in the 21st century.

As always, TWT will host the most spectacular parties. Novara Media and TWT will co-present THE RADICAL VARIETY SHOW, an unmissable live broadcast featuring left-wing figures as you’ve never seen them before.

TWT is about setting a radical agenda for the Corbyn project and beyond. What’s the most radical future we can imagine? Come to Brighton to help build it.

For more information about the festival and its programme, please go here.