Welfare is inseparable from modern work – and robust, future-proof welfare systems are urgently needed to safeguard wellbeing, freedom and sustainability.

Autonomy specialises in basic income policy to help move societies beyond conditionality and provide economic security for all. From pilot design and costing, to economic modelling and movement-building, we are one of the UK’s leading voices on unconditional unconditional cash transfers within social and economic policy.

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Basic Income Conversation is the UK’s leading voice on cash transfer schemes and is central to Autonomy’s future of welfare research programme

Building a research network, we share findings at the cutting edge of work on basic income. Coordinating a growing network of cross-party politicians and activists, we are putting basic income at the top of the political agenda.

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Meet the team

Cleo Goodman

Basic Income Lead

Cleo is Autonomy’s basic income lead. She co-founded the Basic Income Conversation project in 2019 and has facilitated hundreds of conversations with people across the UK – communities, politicians, policy makers and academics – with the goal of securing a basic income for all.

Will Stronge

Director of Research

Will is Autonomy’s Director of Research and co-founder. He holds a PhD in Politics and Philosophy from the University of Brighton and is currently writing a book on the future of work. In his free time, Will enjoys graphic novels and improving his Italian.

Jack Kellam

Head of Operations

As Head of Operations, Jack has an editorial role across our output and leads on a number of internal processes, drawing on his experience within the think-tank sector and academia. He also acts as our social media manager.

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