Aside from our research and policy work, Autonomy also hosts Writers in Residence who are given the freedom to explore themes relevant to the future of work in a style and form of their choosing. We intend for these reflections from some of our favourite writers to inform our ongoing rethinking of work in an age of crisis.

2021 Writers in Residence

John Merrick

John Merrick is a writer originally from Crewe, who now lives in London. He writes on culture, class, place, deindustrialisation, and British and Global history, and his work has appeared in TLS, New Statesman, Tribune, Jacobin, New Left Review, Boston Review and elsewhere. He is currently writing a book about the experience of working class life in Britain.

Read John's residency contributions below:

Christine Berry

Christine Berry is a freelance researcher and writer based in Manchester. She is a Trustee of Rethinking Economics, a Fellow of the Democracy Collaborative and a Contributing Editor of Renewal journal. Previously she was Director of Policy and Government at the New Economics Foundation. She is currently writing a book on democratic ownership as part of the answer to rentier capitalism (Verso, 2022).

Read Christine's residency contributions below: