Below you can find summaries of previous and ongoing Autonomy projects.

The Future of Work in the Valencian Community

Status: ongoing

Researchers involved: Julian Siravo, Kyle Lewis, Will Stronge and Mat Lawrence

Advisory: Danielle Guizzo, Nick Srnicek and Helen Hester

Length: 6 months


Autonomy is collaborating with the Valencian Employment and Training Service, Labora, to jointly develop a strategy to improve the quality of work in the Valencian Community.


The objective of this work is to design a strategy to improve the employment policies that improve the quality of working conditions and facilitate an adequate response to future challenges such as automation, ageing populations, wealth inequality and climate change.


Funded by: the Generalitat Valenciana

Employability in the New Economy

Status: ongoing

Researchers involved: Phil Jones, Matt Phull

Length: 3 – 6 months


What is ’employability’?  Over the past two decades the term has taken on a practical significance both for those looking for jobs and for those doing the hiring. However, it remains relatively absent from current debates on the state of work today. This report aims to:


– Offer an extensive literary review of personal brand, self-help and management literature.

– Evaluate the degree to which self-branding extends employability discourse to a social media context.

– Consider how such literature encourages us to treat leisure time as an opportunity to maximise employability.

'Working to Labour' report

Phil’s ongoing blog is accompanying his research:

Part One of Phil's blog
Part Two of Phil's blog
Part Three of Phil's blog
Part Four of Phil's blog

Funded by: CHASE Doctoral Training Partnership.

The Post-Work City

Status: completed April 2018

Researchers involved: James Trafford, Diann Bauer, Maria Dada, Julian Siravo, Will Stronge

Length: 3 months


A collaborative project with graphic design students and staff at the University for the Creative Arts that combined an engagement with urban planning, utopian scenario-modelling and the political economy of the crisis of work.


For the outcomes of this project please go here.


In collaboration with UCA Epsom.