The Future of Work and Employment Policies in the Comunitat Valenciana

At a glance:

  • Autonomy were commissioned by the regional government of Valencia to produce analysis and strategy for the future of work in that region.


  • The resulting report proceeds in light of an overview of the trends and transformations that will likely come to determine the direction of travel of the economy and of the different types of enterprise in the region more specifically.


  • This document is also, in part, a strategy document. Based on our analysis of the demands that will be placed upon the Valencian economy in the next few years and decades, we propose a set of coherent directions that the economy should be taken in, with the guidance of appropriate policy, collaboration and initiative.


  • We propose a working time reduction strategy for the region.


  • We propose the construction of three ‘New Foundational Infrastructures’: place-based services aimed at bolstering a ‘care commons’ in the region, SME performance and community-based workspace.


Media coverage:

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Enric Nomdedéu i Biosca, Regional Secretary for Employment says:


“Since 2015, within the Valencian Regional Government (Generalitat Valenciana) we have been trying to put together a new ambitious and progressive approach to employment policies. We did not just want to address unemployment, but we aspired to go beyond and be able to effectively transform the precarious realities that dominated much of the Valencian labour market. To that end, Autonomy’s work has been inspiring for us and we decided to open up a joint project to explore new ideas and proposals for the future of work in our Region. We are deeply satisfied with the result of this collaboration, and we are convinced that the report that we have made public will be of great interest for all, home and abroad, and will inspire our coming action plan: the Valencian Strategy for the Future of Work.”


Will Stronge, Director of Autonomy, says:  


“It’s greatly encouraging that a regional government such as the Communitat Valenciana is exploring ideas such as these. The Labora team are rethinking how public services need to adapt to a changing world of work as well as the climate crisis; producing an ambitious vision for Valencian services with them was a great experience. We believe that the prototype policies and infrastructures that we’ve put forward could form the basis for many other progressive programmes for other municipal and national governments.”