Universal Workers' Rights

20 April 2022

At a glance:

This report examines the inadequate legal protections and entitlements available to UK workers, and outlines an expansive series of policy recommendations to enhance and expand workers’ rights in the UK.


In addition to improvements in statutory sick and redundancy pay, as well as parental and annual leave entitlements, the report proposes additional rights to set a new horizon for workers’ rights that can meet the challenges of a new world of work:


  • A right to a liveable planet
  • A right to childcare
  • A right to disconnect
  • A right to development
  • A right to decent workspace


The report also offers a new approach to worker security, outlining potential changes to the taxation and national social insurance system, alongside a new ‘Use of Labour’ social insurance scheme, to avoid the current exclusion of many workers from rights through bogus ‘self-employed’ status.


Philip Jones

This report was supported by the Alex Ferry Foundation and the Guerrilla Foundation.