Platforming Equality: policy challenges for the digital economy

September 22 2020


Welcome to Autonomy’s ‘Platforming Equality’ document: a collection of papers on the challenges that the digital economy poses to policymakers, activists and researchers. We’ve invited a range of contributors to probe deeper into under-examined topics in the digital economy and to shed light on how they operate. Another aim of the collection is to explore policy options for alleviating a range of new challenges that have emerged within the digital economy.


Contributors move beyond theoretical discussion of the problems themselves and turn towards an analysis of responses that are open to activists, municipal authorities and government policy makers. Articles suggest a range of policy recommendations and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. Each contributor examines a specific issue based on their own research and an analysis of the existing literature. They then provide their own perspective on the policies and approaches that would be most suitable to tackling the issue.

Contributors include:

Renata Avila

Nick Srnicek

Dalia Gebrial

McKenzie Wark

Niels van Doorn

Stacco Troncoso

Ann Marie Utratel

Phil Jones

James Muldoon