Launching our Four-Day Week Pilot Programme

by Autonomy

January 17 2021

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new Four-Day Week pilot programme taking place across the UK, working in partnership with 4 Day Week Global, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Boston College, and the 4 Day Week UK campaign.

We’re now looking to recruit more organisations to join the pilot, set to begin later in 2022. As part of our consultancy work, Autonomy has already helped numerous businesses and charities move to shorter working hours: the new pilot represents an amazing opportunity to make the transition in your workplace, benefiting from extensive support.

If you think your organisation might be interested in joining the four-day week pilot, we’re putting together two information sessions, offering an opportunity to ask some of the foremost international business leaders in this area any questions you might have about the four-day week and the pilot program specifically. You can sign-up to join these through clicking on either of the dates below.

Otherwise, you can get in touch with any further questions through, where we’ll be happy to help.