The 'Ecological Limits of Work' paper causes a media stir: from broadsheet to tabloid, from the UK to the US

Our recent ‘Ecological Limits of Work’ paper, authored by Philipp Frey, has been picked up by the mainstream media in a big way! We’re glad to have contributed to the two urgent debates about climate change and working time.

Below is a sample of that coverage. The paper itself can be downloaded via the button link.

Sample media coverage of the paper:

The Guardian
The Sun
The Independent
Daily Mail
Daily Star
New Statesman
World Economic Forum (Germany)
Fast Company (US)
Heise (Germany)
Click here to read or download the full paper

Praise for this report:

Mat Lawrence, Director of the Common Wealth think tank, says:


“This new paper from Autonomy is a thought experiment that should give policymakers, activists and campaigners more ballast to make the case that a Green New Deal is absolutely necessary. The link between working time and GHG emissions has been proved by a number of studies; using OECD data and relating it to our carbon budget, Autonomy have taken the step to show what that link means in terms of our working weeks.”


Emma Williams, Spokesperson for the 4 Day Week Campaign says:

“We welcome this attempt by Autonomy to grapple with the very real changes society will need to make in order to live within the limits of the planet. In addition to improved well-being, enhanced gender equality and increased productivity, addressing climate change is another compelling reason we should all be working less”


Laurie Laybourn-Langton, researcher and commentator says:


“Avoiding catastrophic environmental breakdown requires rapid transformations to make economies sustainable while improving wellbeing. Autonomy have made another important intervention into the debate on how this could be achieved, rightly putting the nature and use of work at the forefront. Politicians and business leaders alike should consider their research: how can less work do more to solve this crisis.”