Polling of UK business leaders: 79% are supportive of a four-day working week

September 29 2020

Polling carried out by Survation (commissioned by Autonomy) reveals strong support for a four-day week in the UK amongst the business community.


The full question in the polling from Survation was:


 Q1. Some businesses have moved to a four day working week as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and have reported a boost in productivity. Other businesses argue that a four day working week will see their wage bill increase while paying current wages for shorter hours. How open, it at all, would you be to a four day working week?


Survation polled 515 business leaders on August 26, including owners, partners, CEOs, chairpersons, presidents, CFOs, CTOs, other chief-level executives, and directors.

Will Stronge, Director of Research for Autonomy, said:


 “The four day week is popular with businesses, trade unions and even Conservative votersSome businesses have already begun getting on with it themselves post Covid-19 but this added support from business leaders should put the rocket boosters on. The UK has a unique opportunity to be a pioneer for the four day week and it’s about time we get on with it.”

The poll follows other surveys in recent weeks that show strong public support for the idea in the UK.


The TUC’s 2018 survey of workers from across industries showed a clear preference for a four-day week.