Polling: Should Britain get a pay rise? Is a £15 per hour minimum wage desirable?

September 30 2021

Polling carried out by Survation (commissioned by Autonomy) reveals strong support for a £15 minimum wage amongst the UK population, including across political divides.


The full question in the polling from Survation was:


 Q1. The current minimum wage is £8.91. It is usually raised each year in April. To what extent, if at all, would you support or oppose the minimum wage rising gradually over the next few years to £15 an hour?


Survation polled 1,001 respondents.

Will Stronge, Director of Research for Autonomy, said:


“With rising inflation and the effects of a pandemic that has put severe strains on people’s livelihoods, promises of a £10 an hour minimum wage are beginning to look outdated and insufficient.

“As we come out of the biggest economic crisis of our times, a higher minimum wage is an obvious starting point for ‘building back better’.

“£15 an hour is a fair and decent wage which would boost living standards for many workers across the country.”