A podcast about work, post-work and everything in between. We discuss what the world of work might be like in the future, as well as what the world of work should be like.


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Episode 1: the work of gestation and surrogacy

Feminist author Sophie Lewis discusses themes from her recent work Full Surrogacy Now with Autonomy’s Helen Hester.

Is surrogacy a form of work, and what does it mean if it is?

Is pregnancy inherently gendered?

This is an episode best served having read Sophie’s book first. Copies can be purchased here.

Episode 2: post-work architecture 

Autonomy’s Julian Siravo talks to Helen Hester and architect Mollie Claypool about post-work architecture, public luxury and the new modes of automated construction that are starting to become available.

Why is architecture relevant to post-work and vice versa?

Is Lego more than a toy?

Why should we be talking about public luxury and not private luxury?

Episode 3: basic income in the UK

Autonomy’s Will Stronge talks to economist Stewart Lansley about a feasible basic income, the idea of everyone in society holding wealth in common (Citizen’s Wealth Fund) and universal basic services.

Would a basic income change much in our economic system?

Is a basic income affordable and by what means?

Are services a replacement for an income guarantee?

What is the difference between a Citizen’s Wealth Fund and an Inclusive Ownership Fund?

Episode 4: the food delivery economy and its future

Callum Cant joins Autonomy’s Julian Siravo and Will Stronge to discuss the food delivery industry, precarity and the future of this sector.

Is precarity always bad?

Can ‘platform cooperativism’ actually work?

What is the future of food delivery infrastructure?

Episode 5: the future of trade unions

We’re joined by Alice Martin of the New Economics Foundation and Lydia Hughes of IWGB to discuss trade unions past present and future!

The first of many such discussions.

Recorded in late November 2019 (before the general election)