Introducing shorter working hours in your organisation

Organisations around the globe are adopting shorter working weeks in order to create healthier, happier workplace environments.

Our aim is help forward-thinking firms transition to this progressive future of working time.

Reducing hours at work can:

  • Improve employees’ health and wellbeing
  • Bolster a friendly office environment
  • Raise productivity
  • Attract and retain staff

Hina Pandya

Kyle Lewis

Will Stronge

What we offer

  • We can design a shorter working week trial suited to your organisation.
  • We work with your staff in order to find the best fit with your working practices.
  • We use industry standard tools to track and evaluate results.
  • Our extensive research in this area equips us with the knowledge to help you.


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"Bringing rigour, professionalism and a sense of calm to the process"

What our clients say:

“Before we took the plunge and dived into the uncharted waters of a four-day week, we knew we’d need a grown up to hold our hand throughout the trial. Autonomy were the perfect calming influence, bringing rigour, professionalism and a sense of calm to the process. Thanks to Will and Kyle we did everything by the book and came out the other side confident that a 4-day week was the way forward for us as a company. Cheers guys!”

– Big Potato Games, London

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