It’s impossible to separate the future of work from the future of our planet and its climate.


So we’re developing the research and tools needed to help respond to the urgent challenge of climate crisis: from building the UK’s first green transition database analysing skills gaps across occupations and industries such as retrofit, to mitigating the impact of rising temperatures on an ageing population, and the effects of extreme heat on the UK workforce.

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We are constructing a highly dynamic dataset that includes a full decomposition of occupations into skills, tasks, educational qualifications and technologies used. In the UK context it is unprecedented, but its ambition does not stop there: we are expanding the dataset to include global jobs. Such a dataset will give researchers, policymakers, trade unions and others an unprecedented granularity when it comes to understanding the labour market. Such a tool will be indispensable for understanding:
  • The trajectories of skills over time
  • The feasibility of worker transitions between industries
  • ‘Skills gaps’ of all kinds
  • The susceptibility of automation of certain tasks within occupations
  • The relationship between skills and wages

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