The evidence is clear: after numerous trials, pilots and case studies from across the world, the four-day, 32 hour working week with no loss of pay is a tried and tested success.

To move beyond experimentation and pilots, we’ve teamed up with the 4 Day Week Campaign to launch the first ever four-day week National Rollout Programme for UK companies and organisations interested in moving to a four-day week this year.

The rollout programme will help to make your organisation ‘four-day week ready’ and support you on your journey.

  • Online workshops with experts and consultants experienced in supporting hundreds of four-day week companies


  • Online workshops on improving productivity and HR best practice


  • Problem solving alongside organisations in the same sector


  • Regular troubleshooting events


  • Learning best practice from companies that have already adopted a four-day week


  • Social engagement opportunities in your region of the country
  • Applications to join the rollout programme are now open (see details below). The final deadline for signing up is Monday 17th April (with payments cleared by Thursday 20th April)


  • The programme will run for 8 weeks from 20th April – 8 June.


  • Organisations will begin switching to a four-day week together on Monday 12th June although there is no obligation to begin on that date.


  • There is also no commitment required to make the move permanent, organisations can launch into a trial first.

We are aiming to sign-up hundreds of companies to participate in the programme. In order to maximise accessibility, we have created grades for participation: 


  • Organisations with annual (gross) income of <£100,000: £1000 (excl. VAT)


  • Organisations with annual (gross) income of  £100,000 – £200,000: £2000 (excl. VAT)


  • Organisations with annual (gross) income of  £300,000 or more: £3000 (excl. VAT)

Applications to join the programme are now open via the link below:

Any questions? Check out the programme's FAQ guide:

You can download the full programme brochure and schedule here. If you have any further questions or would like to speak to someone, you can email:


Information Sessions


  • Due to a high level of interest, we are hosting an additional final information session for those that would like to find out more before signing up.


  • You can sign up for that here: Tuesday 11th April, 2.30 – 3.30 (Sign-up)