Below you can find summaries of previous and ongoing Autonomy projects.

Employability in the New Economy

Status: ongoing

Researchers involved: Phil Jones, Matt Phull

Length: 3 – 6 months


A report on ’employability’ discourse and practice in the new economy. It aims to:


– Offer an extensive literary review of personal brand, self-help and management literature.

– Evaluate the degree to which self-branding extends employability discourse to a social media context/

– Consider how such literature encourages us to treat leisure time as an opportunity to maximise employability.


Funded by: CHASE Doctoral Training Partnership

The Post-Work City

Status: completed April 2018

Researchers involved: James Trafford, Diann Bauer, Maria Dada, Julian Siravo, Will Stronge

Length: 3 months


A collaborative project with graphic design students and staff at the University for the Creative Arts that combined an engagement with urban planning, utopian scenario-modelling and the political economy of the crisis of work.


For the outcomes of this project please go here.


In collaboration with UCA Epsom.