Autonomy at IIPPE 2017!

We’ve just returned to the UK from three days at the IIPPE conference in Berlin! While our affiliates Danielle Guizzo and Matt Cole had been before – and are involved in convening some of IIPPE’s working groups – it was Will’s first time. We had a great time and have landed back in the UK buzzing with ideas and projects to follow up on.

The conference was impeccably organised, with excellent catering (all the staff were phenomenal) and a wide variety of panels across the three days. Will was mainly camped out in the ‘Social Reproduction’ series of sessions, while Matt attended the series on the ‘Political Economy of Work’ that he had put together, and Danielle focused mainly on the sessions discussing neoliberalism.

Danielle discussing the relationship between heterodox political economy and Autonomy

Matt and Danielle also both gave individual papers along the way. Matt presented a part of his current research, reading service work (particularly hotel work) through the lens of the commodity form, discussing the specific nature of supply and demand in these work contexts. Danielle spoke as part of ‘Reteaching Economics’ – a group of economists and lecturers who broadly believe that a pluralist approach to their profession is what is needed in order to counter dogmatic thinking and catastrophic policy. A really exciting initiative.

Some papers which we enjoyed in particular, from across the three days:

Susan Himmelweit’s plenary: “Different Dimensions of Inequality and their Consequences”

Sara Stevano: “Expanding the potential of time use research through social reproduction?”

Hannah Bargawi: “Exploring shifts in social reproduction in Palestine using time-use data”

Neil Warner: “Beyond Basic Income: Overcoming the Crisis of Social Democracy”

Ed Yates: “Capital Accumulation, Local Labour Markets, and Young Workers”

Beatriz Casas Gonzalez: “Unpaid Internships, Employability and the Construction of the Subject”

Will discussing Autonomy's strategy at IIPPE 2017

Finally, we three presented Autonomy’s project on the Thursday (14th), discussing the crisis of work, the history of the think tank form and then strategy. It was our first group presentation, in fact!

Thanks to all the organisers who put the conference together, those giving the papers and all of the staff who were so helpful throughout. See you next year!


IIPPE is the International Initiative for the Promotion of Political Economy.

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