Autonomy is an independent, progressive think tank with one focus: work.

We provide necessary analyses, proposals and solutions with which to confront the changing reality of work in society today. Our aim is to promote real freedom, equality and human flourishing above all.

Work is at the core of modern society.

However, today the nature and function of work is currently undergoing radical change as the result of various causes and tendencies. It is time to question how waged work is organised, question our fundamental beliefs about work and determine rational and enabling solutions to the problems we face. Our aim is therefore twofold:

  1. Diagnose the deepening crisis of work in all of its facets.

  2. Propose solutions to the current issues surrounding work whilst simultaneously generating ideas for a post-work society, based on the principles of freedom, equality and democracy.

  • Technological unemployment: what is the reality of the widespread automation of tasks across employment sectors?


  • Gender (in)equality: how is work gendered and how can we reduce the fundamental inequalities that deny freedom to many?


  • Education and work: how do education and the world of work feed into each other? Can a better situation be envisaged?


  • Proposal for a basic income: what qualifications are needed to make this idea pragmatic and enabling?


  • Designing a new work ethic: in light of the irrational and outdated work ethic we have inherited, how can we imagine a new disposition towards work?